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Hercules Microelectronics is registered in BDA with headquarter located in Yizhuang of Beijing, and set up R&D center in Z-Park. Also, we have two branches in Shanghai and Shenzhen separately for technical and sales support.
HME is one of the earliest FPGA companies with self-developed, mass-produced, volume sales in general FPGA products and new generation Heterogeneous Programmable Accelerator outside of U.S.
More than 200 patents and technical papers have been filed and approved, which includes about 50 PCT/ US patents.

The products have been extended from FPGA to advanced heterogeneous devices that integrated FPGA with CPU, MCU, AI accelerator, and ASIC in the same chip. It provides programmable, re-configurable, scalable, high computing, and longer device life cycle. The products can be configured by S/W and become full customer products. These products can broad its total market volume and extent product life. It will bring in tremendous revenues in billions.

Our technique and product have been covering a broad range among programmable FPGA core, heterogeneous computing architecture, chip design, software development, and system IPs. We also provide system support, implementations, and design for customers to speed up their design and products to the market.

Based on the innovative programmable technique, HME is speeding up R&D in AiFPGA, Heterogeneous Programmable Accelerator, and eFPGA products on AI and IM applications. The products will cover cloud server, intelligent consumer products, 5G communications, industry, and medical products.

History & Honors

Development History & Honors
  • 2017