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Innovative FPGA technology - providing you with a wealth of solutions

With independent innovation of field programmable technology, unique customizable resources and platform architecture expansion capabilities, coupled with efficient software tools and rich software and hardware IP, HME chip not only helps customers shorten the product launch cycle, but also enhance product differentiation design. It prolongs the service life of the product, reduces the cost of product research and development, and reduces the cost of the product entering the market by diluting the high cost of the film and increasing the value of the additional service, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the product. For customers, it is only necessary to clearly define the market demand, and through software tool rapid programming and reconfiguration, the same chip can be used to meet the different application needs of their respective fields, and the products can be quickly brought to market, reduce risks and increase profits. Compared with traditional FPGA devices or single CPU or ASIC/ASSP chips, HME products have the following advantages: first, higher security and reliability; second, lower BOM cost; third, longer product life cycle; fourth , system performance indicators are better; fifth, application development efficiency is faster. This kind of system product that integrates "software programmable, hardware reconfigurable" on the same silicon will be the leader in the future market.


  1. M7 PLC Solution

    方案基于M7 FPGA,实现EtherCAT实时以太网协议

  2. Precision Motion Control


  3. HD Overlay Display


  4. TCP / IP


  5. Frequency Synthesizer


  6. Built-in Ethernet Interface

    以太网控制器由一个FPGA例化的媒体访问控制器(MAC)和外接实体网络物理(PHY)接口器件组成。以太网控制器遵循IEEE 802.3规范,完全支持100BASE-TX标准。

  1. Counter with Capture Comparison


  2. DC Brushless Motor

    六路同步的 PWM 驱动 U、V、W 三组线圈。电机转子的位置电平直接连到任意的 I/O 口上,触发边沿中断服务增量式编码器连到内置的正交编码器上,实现高精度转速或位置检测。

  3. Flight Control System


  4. Intelligent Touch LCD Display