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  • Fully integrated 10/100M Ethernet MAC
  • IEEE 802.3-compliant MII interface to communicate with an external Ethernet PHY
  • Configurable full-duplex only and full/half-duplex poration
  • Management Data Input/Output (MDIO) interface to manage objects in the physical layer
  • Support for VLAN frames
  • Configurable in-band Frame Check Sequence (FCS) field passing on both transmit and receive paths
  • Auto padding on transmit and stripping on receive paths
  • Programmable frame length to support Standard Ethernet frames
  • Configurable flow control through Ethernet MAC Control PAUSE frames
  • Receive address filter for unicast
  • Broadcast/multicast filter enable/disable
  • With one 3KB RAM for frame reception and two 1.5 KB RAM for frame transmission.
  • The two 1.5KB DPRAM work in Ping-Pong mode
  • FPGA access port available for directly connecting to user design
  • Support M5&M7