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AHB2APB Bridge

The AHB2APB Bridge IP works as AHB bus slave and APB bus master. So if there is no APB bus provided, the APB slave can be connected to AHB masters through the AHB2APB Bridge IP.


  • Compliance with the AMBA Specification, Revision 2.0 from ARM
  • Single and burst AHB transfer
  • Up to 16 APB slaves, the slave number can be configured
  • 32-bit AHB data buses
  • 32-bit APB data buses
  • Little-endian AHB systems
  • Big-endian and little-endian APB systems
  • APB slave address space are configurable(1K boundary and minimum value is 1K)
  • - All slaves must have their address spaces aligned to a 1k boundary
  • - Minimum address space allocated to a configured slave is 1K
  • Synchronous hclk/pclk, hclk is an integer multiple of pclk