• HME - R

    R (river) Series is designed for IoT wearables and mobile devices ( such as LTE and 5G smart phones, iPAD/eBook, and POS terminals), IoT devices, smart security control equipment, personal medical monitoring, solar equipment, and Beidou system. We have 2 mass production products with 40nm low power process in these applications.

    HME-R(River) Series
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  • HME - M

    M(mountain) Series is designed for low cost embedded FPGA microcontroller. Their applications are video driver, industrial control, information safety, communication end devices, medical instruments, smart home devices, and etc.
    The Mountain Serial devices provide low cost, easy to use, easy to integrate, shorter time to market to increase customers’ market share and profit. We have more than 20 products in this Mountain Serial. They are suitable to fit in the dynamic market with its various combinations, such as FPGA,FPGA+Memory, FPGA+MCU+Memory, and etc.

    HME - M7(Hua Mountain)Series
    HME - M5(Jin Mountain)Series
    HME - M1(Heng Mountain)Series
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  • HME - P

    P (pegasus) Series is positioned in high performance applications, such as communication system, information security, power operation, big data and cloud operation. iSuppli has market data to show the market shares is around 40% of total FPGA in these application market. Most of big companies, such Huawei, Zhongxin, purchase billion dollars on these FPGA devices. Company has the first ten million gates product, P1, in P Serial. It was self-designed in domestic and used in communication and power system.
    It also paves a way for using domestic design large scale FPGA.

    HME - P(Pegasus)Series
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  • HME - H

    HME-H1 (Hercules) is an intelligent device that integrates enhanced 8051 MCU and high-performance FPGA. It uses a new Tile architecture, which greatly improves the hardware performance of FPGAs.

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